KDF 55 Process Media Tested in Lab Show a 90% Removal of Chlorine in Water Filter Cartridges

KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc.
Attn: Mr. Don Heskett

Dear Don:

You may be interested in some of the results we have obtained using your KDF® 55D media in our water filter cartridges. The cartridges normally contain 45 cu in (740 cu cms) of granular activated carbon. In testing we maintain a flow rate of 1 gpm (3.8 L/min.) and a free chlorine feed of 2 mg/L.

Cartridges with standard grade carbon have a capacity of about 4,000 gallons to 90% removal and 8,000 gallons to 75% removal. If premium carbon is used, typical capacities are 12,000 gallons to 90% and 20,000 gallons to 75%.

When 1-1/2 lb (0.68 Kg) of KDF-55D was combined with Premium carbon, capacities increased to 30,000 gallons at 90% and 54,540 gallons at 75%. When an entire cartridge was filled with KDF, the test was carried out to 82,640 gallons (313,000L) before the test was terminated because of pressure loss. The KDF was still removing 94% of the chlorine!

I have included a graph with typical tests plotted.

Mel Hemp
Research & Development
Clack Corporation, Windsor, Wisconsin