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Low Cost ~ Convenient

 Ideal For Camping, Power Outage

 Or A Survival Situation

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CRYSTAL QUEST® Large Capacity Ultimate Pour Through Pitcher Filter provides clean, great-tasting water conveniently, waiting and chilled in your refrigerator.
Other water filter pitcher brands cannot compare!
~ CRYSTAL QUEST® Pitcher Water Filter is the only leading brand with 4 stages of filtration: Eagle Redox Alloy 6500, Eagle Redox Alloy 9500, Ion Exchange Resin & Granular Activated Carbon (GAC).

~ Large 8-12 cup pitcher purifier is perfect for entertaining or just for having plenty of delicious, chilled water available.

~ Slim, space-efficient shape fits neatly into refrigerator (9"L x 4"W x 11"H).

~ Contemporary, stylish design.

~ Convenient flip-top lid for easy refilling, and handle designed for comfortable pouring.
~ Conveniently provides 2,000 gallons (6-12 months) of quality water. 
~ Easy to take with you when you travel or as a camping water filter.
~ Crucial for power outage or disaster as a survival water filter.
~ Available in attractive clear or blue.
~ Makes a great gift for birthdays, weddings, holidays.


Multiple Media For Excellent Filtration


  Effectively removes most serious contaminants from water.


CRYSTAL QUEST® Pitcher Water Filter - Clear

Suggested Retail:  $34.95  + shipping

Our Price: $24.70 plus $8 shipping in the Continental U.S. (48 states)


CRYSTAL QUEST® Pitcher Water Filter - Blue

Suggested Retail:  $34.95  + shipping

Our Price: $24.70 plus $8 shipping in the Continental U.S. (48 states)

CLICK HERE to order Blue Pitcher Water Filter


Pitcher Replacement Cartridge

Our Price: $15.50 including shipping in the Continental U.S. (48 states)

CLICK HERE to order Pitcher Replacement Cartridge

Suggested cartridge replacement time -- 6 months to 1 year


Contact us for orders outside the United States.



including "Corrected Water" systems


       Single Counter Top Filter    Under Counter R.O. System

One of our point-of-use Redox & Carbon units or reverse osmosis systems will effectively reduce or remove the following contaminants:

~algae  ~bacteria  ~parasites  ~mold/fungus  ~bad taste  ~bad odor  ~pesticides (eg. Endrin, Lindane, Methoxychlor, Toxaphene, etc.) ~herbicides (eg. Silvex; 2, 4-D; etc.)  ~fertilizers  ~nitrates  ~detergents  ~PCB's  ~THM's  ~arsenic ~aluminum  ~barium  ~cadmium ~chlorine  ~chromium ~fluoride ~hydrogen sulfide ~iron  ~lead  ~mercury  ~radon ~selenium ~and many more

We have been in the water purification business for 40 years.

All components of our water systems are free of BPA.

WARRANTY: Our point-of-use water filtration system housings and hardware have a warranty to be free of defects in materials and manufacture, with repair or replacement for up to one year from date of purchase, and our water cartridges for up to 90 days. (See return and liability policies.)

NOTE: For those on fluoridated city water, our special flow through units for fluoride removal or our reverse osmosis systems will thoroughly eliminate fluoride. All of our drinking water purifiers have replaceable cartridges, and clear installation instructions. We also have whole house systems.

CLICK HERE for pictures of our purifiers.

CLICK HERE for shower & bath purifiers.

CLICK HERE for Reverse Osmosis systems.

CLICK HERE for flow-through UltraFiltration.

CLICK HERE for fluoride removal water systems.

CLICK HERE for pour through Pitcher Water Filters.

CLICK HERE for details of redox & carbon water purification.

CLICK HERE for "Corrected Water" re-mineralizing alkalizer units.

CLICK HERE for combination water purifier, cooler, and heater units.

CLICK HERE for whole house systems that can purify all the water in your home.

CLICK HERE to view the ISO, NSF and CE certifications for our water purifier systems.

We also offer Ultra Violet units for water with bacteriological problems.


Contact us for more information.


WaterUS.com Corrected Water Systems

"The Water You Want" ~ Pure Energized Water Fit To Drink

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