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to compare with our "Corrected" Counter Top Reverse Osmosis System

NOTE: I do NOT recommend the AquaWizard II.

There have been problems with some units in the past, and the manufacturer is very un-helpful with problems.

Also, our other counter top RO unit from a different manufacturer is a much better buy.


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More About The AquaWizard II

AquaWizard was re-designed a few years ago to include a carbon pre-filter for extra effectiveness.

This improves water taste and quality, and protects the RO membrane for longer life.


Normally only three changes of the inexpensive prefilter, and one replacement RO cartridge needed per year!

Can make 50 gallons or more of purified water in a day.


Free Water tester with purchase of an AquaWizard II !

TDS Digital Water Tester ($46.00 value)

(for testing Total Dissolved Solids)

You'll have your own water tester !

For example, tap water in some cities has about 200 Parts Per Million (ppm) of dissolved solids. After a little more than an hour using the AquaWizard 2 you'll have a gallon of reverse osmosis water with about 10-12 ppm.  It should continue that performance for about a year. 

You can Use the water tester to see instantly with your own eyes the difference between Aqua Wizard water and your tap water, bottled water, or water produced by other filters.  You may be amazed at the results.

When you go to see neighbors, friends, or relatives, take your TDS Water Tester with you and test their water too. They will thank you for it.



Rather than buy a whole new AquaWizard 2, about once a year you can just replace the cartridge (shown above) for only $59.70 each.

The timing could vary slightly depending on the quality of the water processed as well as the quantity.

With your water tester, you can monitor how well the Aqua Wizard II Reverse Osmosis machine is working.  When the level of dissolved solids indicates the water is not being as filtered as you want it, then it is time to replace the cartridge.

NOTE: The new Prefilter (see below) is changed 3 times per year. These are very inexpensive.


Utilizing the Same Technology Hospitals use to make their Water Ultra Pure !


This is a patented Reverse Osmosis
Water Purification System !

What is Reverse Osmosis ??


Reverse Osmosis forces tap water through the tiny holes of its membrane (inside the cartridge), which are up to 620,000 times smaller than the width of the human hair, and which is also even smaller than the size of bacteria and other microbes.

What are the advantages of  Reverse Osmosis?

~ better than carbon filters, distillers, bottled water, spring water, and tap water

(NOTE: Bottled is not freshly purified and may have bacterial growth.  It is not tested!)


Reverse Osmosis (in combination with carbon filtration) offers great advantages over pitcher style and other mere carbon filters, primarily far better quality. (See Dissolved Solids chart below). Filtered water doesn't come close.)


R. O. water is better and cheaper than distilled water, which can taste "flat" because the process removes the much needed oxygen from the water.


No one should be drinking tap water which is a "chemical cocktail". Water purified at the point of use is fresher and safer than bottled water, most of which is poorly filtered tap water.

Where is Reverse Osmosis water used?

Reverse Osmosis technology has been trusted for decades. R.O. water is used in making medicines by pharmaceutical companies, and in hospitals for dialysis and other procedures.  R.O. water is also in the world's finest coffee and tea shops where the taste and quality of the finished product is dependent on the best water.

Why AQUA WIZARD II is so unique? 

How does it compare with other water filters?

The world's first and only faucet mounted counter top reverse osmosis unit. The R.O. is combined with a carbon filter for more pure water.

Other filters become more and more clogged daily because the contaminants they remove accumulate inside the filter.

A reverse osmosis membrane is self-cleaning. It rinses itself automatically as it purifies your water. The purified water goes through the tube into your gallon jug or pitcher, while the waste water goes out the bottom end of the tube and down the drain.

Conventional Reverse Osmosis systems take up a lot of space, and cost about $350 to $400. With under sink RO systems, the water is held in a holding tank that is difficult to clean as well.

Those systems usually have more than two cartridges that needed to be changed regularly, and it is not easy to do it. Often people do not change these as recommended, and the water quality suffers.

The AquaWizard II works easily and takes up little room. It is simple to change both the prefilter and the cartridge.

So . . .

You could buy reverse osmosis water at a store or vending machine, usually at 25 cents to $1.49 per gallon.

You could have a carbon filtering device which should have it's cartridge changed OFTEN! It takes 36 standard pitcher style filter cartridges to accomplish the job of one AquaWizard II unit - and simple carbon filters don't remove lead, arsenic, mercury, Total Dissolved Solids or bacteria.

You could spend $400 or more to install a large reverse osmosis water system underneath your sink, leaving much less room for storing other items. Then you'd have to periodically hassle with changing multiple cartridges under there. And you may develop mildew in the tank from holding water in storage for a long time.

OR . . .

You can spend just a few cents per gallon for fresh, high-quality water conveniently at your sink.

The AquaWizard II is small and portable. You can use it at home and take it with you anywhere (RV, hotel, camping, etc.).

The AquaWizard II will make up to 50 gallons or more of pure drinking water per day ~ 2 gallons in about an hour.

It is so unique, that it is patented and used in over 40 countries.


Carbon PreFilter now included with AquaWizard II for even better water taste and quality.

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AquaWizard 2 reduces Dissolved Substances.

Reduces 96.2 % of dissolved solids
Reduces 99.3 % of dissolved lead
Reduces 99.3 % of dissolved Arsenic
Reduces 99.97 % of cysts
Eliminates Chlorine + Bad Taste and Odor


Use AquaWizard purified water . . .

- To get your recommended daily amount of drinking water (8+ glasses)
- For cooking, baking or rinsing fruits & vegetables
- For your pets and plants
- For mixing infant formula
- To help make the best tasting coffee, tea, juices or drinks
- Water for workouts and sports activity
- At home, work, vacation home, RV, college or school
- To fill your own water bottles (at a few pennies per gallon)


About Bottled Water

According to FDA rules, bottled water is subject to less testing and lower standards than even our tap water.  Even disinfection is NOT a requirement for bottled water.

A recent NRDC 4-year scientific study on bottled water concluded that bottled water is not necessarily cleaner or safer than common tap water (based on 1000 bottles of 103 brands of spring water)

A University of Iowa study which tested 39 brands of bottled water also found that 75% of them contained chemicals, dissolved metals and other harmful pollutants. The study concluded that, "Bottled water is no better than tap water, and in some cases, even worse."

Reader's digest says:  "True or False ?  Bottled water is generally safer than tap water.

False . . . . What's sold in jugs or delivered to coolers need meet no standard higher than for tap water!  Some bottled waters are actually drawn from municipal water systems."

According to government and industry estimates, an amazing 25-40% of all bottled water is actually just bottled tap water!

With your own water purifier, your purified water costs just pennies per gallon so it pays for itself in as little as 1-2 months. No more running to the store to buy bottled water and no heavy bottles or jugs to lift.

Use your own purification system to fill a water bottle to take them with you wherever you go. Have the convenience of bottled water costing you just pennies per bottle. This way you can save hundreds of dollars per year over the cost of bottled water.





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NOTE: Before ordering an AquaWizard, we suggest you CLICK HERE for information on our "Corrected" Counter Top Reverse Osmosis System, which we consider to be superior to the AquaWizard II.

The counter top unit is a much better buy, and you can add a re-mineralizing alkalizer to the system. Reverse osmosis water is lacking in minerals and too acidic. Restoring minerals and raising the pH is very important.

(NOTE: With the AquaWizard II unit the regular sealed self-contained re-mineralizing alkalizer would be difficult to utilize. A pour through pitcher with its own small re-mineralizing alkalizer cartridge could be used.)


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to order an AquaWizard II Unit

$192.70 including shipping & handling (in U.S.)





Full AquaWizard II Replacement Cartridge Set

(approximate one year supply: 3 prefilters + 1 RO replacement cartridge)

$99 + $7.95 shipping & handling (in U.S.)

save on shipping

Click Here to Order Full Set

(NOTE: Replacement RO cartridges for the original AquaWizard units from years ago are no longer available. You would need to replace the old model AquaWizard by ordering a newer AquaWizard II unit.)

(NOTE: AquaWizard RO cartridges now come with a new hose that allows faster production.)



3 Pack of AquaWizard II Replacement Pre-filters

(1 year supply - change every 4 months)

$19.70 + $7.95 shipping & handling (in U.S.)

Click Here to Order Pre-filters



AquaWizard II Replacement RO Cartridge

(depending on water quality and volume, change between 6 months and 1 year)

$79.97 + $7.95 shipping & handling (in U.S.)

Click Here to Order RO Cartridge


(NOTE: Replacement RO cartridges for the original AquaWizard units from years ago are no longer available. You would need to replace the old model AquaWizard by ordering a newer AquaWizard II unit.)

(NOTE: AquaWizard RO cartridges now come with a new hose that allows faster production.)



We suggest you CLICK HERE before ordering an AquaWizard for information on our "Corrected" Counter Top Reverse Osmosis System, which we consider to be superior to the AquaWizard II.



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If you have the original version of AquaWizard, it is probably no longer useable. The RO cartridge would be too old for good performance by now. (NOTE: The AquaWizard II cartridges will NOT fit the old original units.) Contact us for a newer reverse osmosis system at a discount price.



CLICK HERE for information on our "Corrected" Counter Top and Under Counter Reverse Osmosis Systems.


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Instructions For Putting The AquaWizard 2 In Service


Contents Of Package

1 - Filter Housing including Filter Cover.

2 - Aerator - attaches to sink faucet and filter unit

3 - Pack of aerator adaptors (if needed)

4 - Long top delivery tubing for purified water

5 - Short bottom tubing (with elbow attached) for discharge water


Installation Of AquaWizard 2

1. The aerator is a small metal cylinder that serves as the connector between the filter unit and the faucet.

If the aerator is already attached to the filter cover at the top of the filter housing, simply press the surrounding white ring down and gently pull the aerator out.

2. Attach the aerator to the faucet you'd like to use by screwing, or threading it into the existing faucet end.

Note that the aerator has threads on the outside as well as internally to accommodate different faucet sizes. If neither of these sizes will fit your faucet, you will find several adaptors in a bag with the black rubber washers that can be used in various combinations to ensure a proper fit.

3. Next, attach the short discharge tube shown above as 1A to the filter housing by inserting the elbow end (the hard plastic piece with a 90 degree angle) into the base of the filter housing. Ensure that the elbow is fully inserted.

NOTE: If the elbow end is not inserted into the filter body, the discharge water will not flow.

4. Install one end of the longer tube into the top side hole. (This will be where the clean, filtered water is discharged.) Again,
be sure to insert the tube fully.

NOTE: If the tube is not fully inserted the water will not flow (to prevent spraying water.)
5. Finally, attach the newly assembled unit to the aerator installed on the faucet by pushing down the white ring in the cover at the top of the filter housing, and pressing the whole thing up until you feel it securely lock in place.

NOTE: To make sure you have a firm, solid connection, GENTLY pull down. If the filter unit does not easily slide back off the aerator, you are ready to begin filtering.

Again, remember:

You must run the New Aqua Wizard 2 for FOUR HOURS before collecting water for consumption.

To remove the filter housing from the faucet, make sure the water is turned off and allow a few minutes for the pressure to dissipate, then press down on the white ring in the filter cover at the top and remove the filter unit.


Installation of Replacement Prefilter and RO Filter Cartridge

Filter Cover

The Filter Cover unlocks from the rest of the filter housing with a quarter turn.

Unlock the cover to replace the pre-filter, as well as the RO filter cartridge.

Grasp the plastic tube of the filter assembly and pull out the entire assembly.

Slide off the pre-filter. This should be replaced every four months.

NOTE: A convenient 3 pack is available for a year of pre-filter changes.

The RO Filter Cartridge should be replaced once a year.

Relock the Filter Cover with an opposite quarter turn.