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Pure Shower Or Pure Bath

by Jon Miller, M.A., M.Div., natural health educator & author

An effective shower filter or shower purifier will first and foremost give you a chlorine free shower or bath. If lead, bacteria, algae, and mildew are problems these should be addressed as well.

A shower unit can also be used to fill the bath tub with pure water, if needed. We also have a bath water filter if you prefer bathing.

You don't want toxins in your shower or bath any more than you'd want to drink them. Why not have a safe shower or a safe bath?

A shower or bath seems refreshing and invigorating, but if you do it in raw impure tap water, you are most likely being exposed to a level of toxic pollutants that can have a negative impact on your health. A pure shower or bath is just as important as pure water to drink.

Harmful chemicals present in your unpurified water can be readily absorbed by the skin, and the volatile ones can easily become
inhalable vapors as the warm water spray forms steam. Day after day these toxify your body and harm your lungs.


Chlorine Problems

Virtually all cities use chlorine or chloramines to reduce bacteria and algae in their water. Many wells are also chlorinated. Chlorine is antiseptic, but also a serious poison, which over the years has killed millions early.

Chlorine in our water is a major contributor to the leading deadly health problems -- circulatory disease and cancer. Chlorine forms free radicals which damage tissue, especially the vulnerable arteries and the heart. Not only are circulatory tissues effected, but any tissue under stress is more susceptible to deterioration and possible cancer.

When chlorine combines with natural organic matter from leaves, humus & soil in the source water, trihalomethanes (THM's) are formed. These are more toxic than chlorine alone. The most harmful THM is chloroform, a known carcinogen which causes liver & kidney damage and depression of the central nervous system.

Chlorine vaporizes in hot shower water and, when inhaled in the lungs, is transferred into the blood stream. Scientific studies have linked chlorinated water to potentially harmful by-products that can, over time, contribute to such health threatening conditions as cancer of the bladder, liver, stomach and colon. Heart disease, high blood pressure and allergies have also been linked with chlorine.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), THM's are present in all chlorinated water supplies in the U.S. EPA scientist, Lance Wallace states, "Showering is suspected as the primary cause of elevated levels of chloroform in nearly every home in America, because of the chlorine in the water."

A normal adult taking a 15 minute shower or bath would be exposed to up to twice as much of a volatile chemical as from drinking two quarts of the same raw water. Neither should be done!

More and more cities are now using chloramines, a compound of chlorine and ammonia, to disinfect the water. When diluted, it is more stable and longer lasting than chlorine, although not as effective against microbes. It is also a toxic irritant to humans.

Chlorine in the shower, or chlorine in the bath, is terrible for the sinuses, lungs, skin and hair. When this toxin is taken further into the body, internal organs and tissues are harmed.

A study by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Quality Engineering, published in the American Journal of Public Health, found that 29 to 46 percent of water pollutant contamination in children, and 50 to 70 percent in adults, occurs through the skin, depending on the chemical and its concentration.

Unfiltered shower and bath water can double exposure to chlorine by absorption through the skin and by inhalation of chlorine vapors.


Get Rid Of Chlorine, Chloramines and Other Toxins Now!

The solution is to use an effective shower purifier (which can also be used to fill the bath tub) or a bath purifier. 

Redox alloy is a popular purifying media made of copper & zinc. It will eliminate chlorine in the shower or bath, and also heavy metals like lead, mercury and iron, even in hot water. Beyond that redox media takes care of bacteria, algae and mildew, keeping the shower and/or tub cleaner. 


Breathe Easier

Our shower and bath purifiers can help reduce the risks of chlorine exposure so you can breathe easier. Further, redox reduces smelly sulfur.


Softer Skin and Hair

Enjoy softer skin and hair and eliminate the burning eyes, itching skin, irritated lungs and allergies caused by showering with chlorinated water.

Our shower and bath filters condition the water and take care of chlorine, for softer hair and smoother skin. Now you can fight brittle hair, dry skin and dandruff where health and beauty begin right in your shower and bath.

The conditioned water leaves hair more manageable. Less soap or shampoo is required. Perms and hair color treatments last longer.

Eliminating chlorine helps to prevent rashes, dryness, and other skin problems; hair loss; lung irritation from chlorine byproducts; and more.

Granular Activated Carbon in addition to the redox media will take care of chloramines (which redox does not) in those cities where chloramines are used.  Although fluoride is not as absorbable through the skin as chlorine, it will be reduced with the shower filter.

Sulfur based compounds, including calcium sulfite and sodium sulfite, are also often added to city water. We do not need more sulfites added to our water cycle; and these have toxifying qualities of their own.

Many shower filters are offered for sale without even informing the prospective customer of what is in the unit. Further, a general statement that the unit will be effective for a certain length of time may not account for the quantity and qualities of the water that may pass through the product.

Our shower filter has the proper quantity and quality of media to be effective for city water

CLICK HERE to view test results for redox removing chlorine from shower water.

CLICK HERE for more details about redox media.

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Shower & Bath Purifiers


Remove Chlorine & Other Toxins From Your Shower or Bath

Luxury Shower Power Purifier

(for chlorine &/or heavy metals, algae, mold, mildew &/or bacteria in city or well water)

All components of our water systems are free of BPA.

This Luxury Shower Power purifier has significantly more of the redox media than other similar brands. 

Redox removes lead, mercury & other heavy metals; eliminates chlorine; and prevents bacteria, algae, mold, mildew & more. The carbon in our shower units removes the chloramines, which redox does not eliminate.

Together these media will take care of up to 99% of chlorine and chloramines for over a year of showering for two people averaging a 10 minute shower per day each.  

The Luxury Shower Purifier has been professionally designed by experts for an unrestricted flow-through that maximizes exposure and contact time of the water with the advanced redox media and carbon, while maintaining a constant water flow. 

This new design is able to handle a modest amount of sediment without slowing or clogging as others do.

The Luxury Shower Power Filter is appropriate for either city water or well water. It removes chlorine, chloramines, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) trihalomethanes (THMs), pesticides, algae, mold, mildew, bacteria, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide ("rotten egg" odor), iron oxides ("rust water"), lead and other heavy metals, dirt and sediment.

(NOTE: The unit may have a shorter life where significant hydrogen sulfide, iron or other heavy metals are present.)


More Information

~ The effective life of the media in any shower filter or purifier depends on the number and duration of showers, and the flow rate of the shower head used.  (At the 2.5 gallons per minute flow of the standard shower head, a 5 minute shower would use 12.5 gallons, while a 10 minute shower would consume 25 gallons.)

With two 10 minute showers per day or four 5 minute showers per day, the suggested usage of the shower purifier cartridge is around a year or so. For a larger family of long shower takers, it would be better to change the filter in about 6 months.

~ The redox media in the Luxury Shower Purifier unit meet the requirements of the EPA's Clean Water Act as a de-chlorinating agent, as does the Granular Activated Carbon, which also removes chloramines.

~ Redox media is also recognized by the EPA as a "pesticidal device", which means it has the ability to kill algae, bacteria, fungus, mold, and many other parasites found in drinking water supplies, through the natural process known as"electrochemical oxidation/reduction".

~ This shower unit is EASY to install -- just screw it by hand onto the shower arm (the pipe on which you would otherwise place the shower head), then screw your shower head or the hose of your hand held unit or other apparatus onto the other end. No tools are necessary.

For baths, you can simply direct the shower head downward to fill the tub, running the water a little hotter, or consider our Bath Ball Filter described further below.

~ Because the shower filter is light in weight, it won't cause stress on existing plumbing hardware.

~ A massaging shower head and/or hand held sprayer are also available for a few dollars more.

~ Outstanding as a gift for a birthday, wedding, house-warming, holiday, etc.


Shower Filter Details 

The Luxury Shower Power Filter is one of the most advanced shower filters on the market. Removes chlorine, chloramines, VOC's, THM's, pesticides, sulfur, heavy metals (eg., iron, lead, mercury, etc.), hydrogen sulfide ("rotten egg" odor), iron oxides ("rust water"), dirt, sediment and other odors..... and it's pH balanced!! 
The water passes through three stages: ERA (Eagle Redox Alloy) 6500, ERA 9500 and then Granular Activated Carbon. It provides a truly healthy, most refreshing shower experience, like showering in spring water!
Warranty: The Luxury Shower Power water purifier is warrantied for one year from date of purchase to be free of defects in materials and manufacture.
The Luxury Shower Power Purifier will give you smoother, softer skin and hair that is less dry. Your tub and shower area will be cleaner too! The unique drop-down filter design allows for a substantial amount of filtration media enabling more contact time with the water. More contact time means better filtration. This design also allows for more head room than most other shower filters.
The replaceable cartridge makes maintenance simple and affordable.
The Luxury Shower Power unit contains a reversible filter cartridge which lasts about a year or more, depending on the number of showers.
This high performance shower filter combines easy operation and maintenance with the ultimate in structural integrity and overall reliability. This is the strongest replaceable shower filter available on the market today.
It can be easily changed and operated in either direction. Periodic reversing of the cartridge not only ensures balanced filtration and eliminates the potential for channeling, but also back-flushes the cartridge as it is filtering.
durable hard polycarbonate plastic
elegant design
easy to install
2-Stage filtration: redox + carbon
(removes chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, more)
high capacity reversible filter cartridge
1 year filtration capacity
optional adjustable power-massage shower head
optional adjustable handheld power-massage shower head

Cut-Away View

Dimensions: 8" x 3"
Weight: 1 lb 10oz
Recommended flow rate 2.5 gallons per minute with the maximum of 5 GPM


Get the poisons out of your shower and bath for less than the cost of an evening out. Protect yourself and your family.


Super LOW Prices on Luxury Shower Purifiers

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NOTE: This is one of the best buys in the entire natural health field. EVERYONE should have one of these shower filter products immediately to clean the toxins out of the shower water!



to order white color Luxury Shower Power Purifier (with no head)

OUR PRICE: $34.95 + $11 shipping (in the U.S.)



to order white color Luxury Shower Power Purifier with adjustable power-massage shower head

OUR PRICE: $39.95 + $11 shipping (in the U.S.)



to order chrome color Luxury Shower Power Purifier (with no head)

OUR PRICE: $39.95 + $11 shipping (in the U.S.)



to order chrome color Luxury Shower Power Purifier with adjustable power-massage shower head

OUR PRICE: $44.95 + $11 shipping (in the U.S.)



to order white color Hand Held Luxury Shower Power Purifier with adjustable spray

OUR PRICE: $49.95 + $11 shipping (in the U.S.)


Dimensions of Hand Held Units: 12" x 7" x 4"
Weight: 2 lbs 10oz



to order chrome color Hand Held Luxury Shower Power Purifier with adjustable spray shower unit

OUR PRICE: $54.95 + $11 shipping (in the U.S.)



to order white color Combo Luxury Shower Power Purifier with adjustable spray hand held unit and adjustable power massage shower head

OUR PRICE: $64.95 + $11 shipping (in the U.S.)


Dimensions of Hand Held Units: 12" x 7" x 4"
Weight: 2 lbs 10oz



to order chrome color Combo Luxury Shower Power Purifier with adjustable spray hand held unit and adjustable power massage shower head

OUR PRICE: $69.95 + $11 shipping (in the U.S.)



Bath Ball Purifier

Dimensions: 5" x 5"
Weight: 2 lbs
Material: Durable hard polycarbonate plastic
Recommended flow rate:
4-5 gallons per minute
12 to 18 months or
20,000 to 25,000 gallons filtration


to order white color Bath Ball Purifier

OUR PRICE: $49.95 + $11 shipping (in the U.S.)



to order chrome color Bath Ball Purifier for

OUR PRICE: $54.95 + $11 shipping (in the U.S.)


Shipping: just $12 for any order of shower or bath purifiers.

Contact us for a mix of shower and bath units.


Replacement Cartridges


to order Luxury Shower Power Filter Replacement Cartridge

OUR PRICE: $29.50 with free shipping (in the U.S.)

Fits any of our Luxury Shower models. - See above.)

Suggested cartridge replacement time -- 1 year



to order Bath Ball Purifier Replacement Cartridge

OUR PRICE: $39.50 with Free Shipping in the continental U.S. (48 states)

(Fits either of our Bath Ball models. - See above.)

Suggested cartridge replacement time -- 1 to 1 1/2 years




on using a shower filter:


"Before using the shower filter, I had to use expensive cortisone to get rid of rashes that developed on my skin after I took showers.  But not anymore, thanks to the soothing effects of chlorine and other harmful chemicals being removed from the water."  -- Theresa Miller, California



    "The . . . filtration system is everything it claims to be and more.

    "My sneezing and sinus problems associated with showering have disappeared, and the tight, dry appearance of my skin has changed to a more supple, natural look.

    "But that's not all.  For the past 10 years, I have endured a nagging itch on my chest, arms and back.  After installing the . . . shower filter and using it one time, not only were my sinus and skin problems eliminated, but I realized I was no longer experiencing the nagging itch...."  -- Arthur Meehan, New York



    "After using your filter, my hair and skin were both noticeably softer.  My skin, which had been dry and itchy, has not bothered me anymore.  I sometimes walk around feeling my face and hair.

    "I had bought all kinds of skin creams, shampoos and conditioners, all for nothing.  It seems I simply had a chlorine allergy and didn't know it.  Thank you for your great filter."  -- LaRita Smith, North Carolina



(Many beauty salons use one of our shower filters, and have many of their customers using one.)

    "I find curls more durable, longer-lasting and less dry."

    "We notice a great improvement in shampooing and rinsing perms and color tints."

    "Our clients' hair is now silky smooth, softer and manageable."

    "I cannot believe how much easier it is to treat our repeat customers' hair."

    "I now use less shampoo and conditioners."


For orders from outside the U.S., contact us.

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including "Corrected Water" systems

"The Water You Want" ~ Pure Water Fit To Drink


     Single Counter Top Filter       Under Counter R.O. System

One of our dual or triple Redox & Carbon plus Solid Carbon Block point-of-use units will effectively reduce or remove the following contaminants:

~algae  ~bacteria  ~parasites  ~mold/fungus  ~bad taste  ~bad odor  ~pesticides (eg. Endrin, Lindane, Methoxychlor, Toxaphene, etc.) ~herbicides (eg. Silvex; 2, 4-D; etc.)  ~fertilizers  ~nitrates  ~detergents  ~PCB's  ~THM's  ~arsenic ~aluminum  ~barium  ~cadmium  ~chlorine ~chromium ~fluoride ~hydrogen sulfide ~iron  ~lead  ~mercury  ~radon ~selenium ~and many more

We have been in the water purification business for over 40 years.

All components of our water systems are free of BPA.

WARRANTY: Our point-of-use water filtration system housings and hardware have a warranty to be free of defects in materials and manufacture, with repair or replacement for up to one year from date of purchase, and our water cartridges for up to 90 days. (See return and liability policies.)

NOTE: For those on fluoridated city water, our special flow through units for fluoride removal or our reverse osmosis systems will thoroughly eliminate fluoride. All of our drinking water purifiers have replaceable cartridges, and clear installation instructions. We also have whole house systems.

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CLICK HERE for combination water purifier, cooler, and heater units.

CLICK HERE for whole house systems that can purify all the water in your home.

CLICK HERE to view the ISO, NSF and CE certifications for our water purifier systems.

We also offer Ultra Violet units for water with bacteriological problems.


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