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Water Purification System 


Gravity Water System with Multi-Stage Filter

removes chlorine, fluoride, lead, vinyl chloride, chemicals, etc.

alkalizes water, improves taste

(order a Gravity Filter replacement cartridge)

The Gravity Water System by Santevia is crafted for performance. It provides you the highest quality filtration, which delivers a great-tasting, clean, mineralized alkaline water, optimized for your health.

This pour-in, filter-through system requires no electricity or water pressure. It does not need to attach to the sink facet or water-line.

The water dispenser may be placed anywhere that is convenient. It can also be used with a water cooler.

Replaces 2,920 plastic bottles of water for every year in use.

Buy 1 Gravity Water System and give 100 days of clean drinking water to communities living in water poverty.

Excellent for power outage survival situation.



First filter cartridge included with unit.

Filters Fluoride, Chlorine, Vinyl Chloride & 80+ other contaminants including lead and other heavy metals, PFAS & PFOS, and VOCs, rust, sediment and micro-plastics.

~ NSF-Certified Activated Alumina filters 99% of fluoride, a toxin that may cause thyroid and neurological problems.

~ NSF-Certified Granular Activated Coconut Carbon filters 99% of chlorine, a chemical disinfectant that can damage healthy gut flora.

~ KDF redox media reduces heavy metals, binds chlorine and prevents bacterial growth.

~ pH Mineral Stone Balls add essential minerals - Calcium, Magnesium & trace minerals restore alkalinity, raising the pH level by up to +2.0.

~ Natural Silica Sand improves taste, making water taste fresh & delicious.



Tested to NSF Standards 42, 53, and 401 for water quality and the reduction of chemicals and contaminants.


Counter Top Specifications:

● Dimensions (L x W x H): 31 x 31 x 60 cm or 12 x 12 x 24 in
● White base and tap (included) for use on counter
● Ceramic Pre-filter: Up to 1 year
● Fluoride Removal Filter: 4 months
● Mineral Stones: Up to 2 years
● Filter Reminder: Available through Filter Ease
● Material: BPA & BPS free SAN plastic
● Capacity: 10 L or 2.6 gal


Dispenser Specifications:

● Dimensions (L x W x H): 31 x 31 x 44 cm or 12 x 12 x 18 in
● Will fit most 3rd party water coolers (not included)


  • Removable bottle collar
  • 6 inches of void space within the tank - to allow movement of the included float valve.
  • Flat top: in order for the Gravity Water System to sit securely on top of your cooler.


    Gravity-Fed Water Purifier System with Dispenser


    with free shipping


    Gravity Filter Replacement Cartridge


    (+ $7 shipping)




    "The Water You Want" ~ Pure Energized Water Fit To Drink


           Single Counter Top Filter     Under Counter R.O. System

    One of our point-of-use Redox & Carbon units or reverse osmosis systems will effectively reduce or remove the following contaminants:

    ~algae  ~bacteria  ~parasites  ~mold/fungus  ~bad taste  ~bad odor  ~pesticides (eg. Endrin, Lindane, Methoxychlor, Toxaphene, etc.) ~herbicides (eg. Silvex; 2, 4-D; etc.)  ~fertilizers  ~nitrates  ~detergents  ~PCB's  ~THM's  ~arsenic ~aluminum  ~barium  ~cadmium ~chlorine  ~chromium ~fluoride ~hydrogen sulfide ~iron  ~lead  ~mercury  ~radon ~selenium ~and many more

    We have been in the water purification business for over 45 years.

    All components of our water systems are free of BPA.

    WARRANTY: Our point-of-use water filtration system housings and hardware have a warranty to be free of defects in materials and manufacture, with repair or replacement for up to one year from date of purchase, and our water cartridges for up to 90 days. (See return and liability policies.)

    NOTE: For those on fluoridated city water, our special flow through units for fluoride removal or our reverse osmosis systems will thoroughly eliminate fluoride. All of our drinking water purifiers have replaceable cartridges, and clear installation instructions. We also have whole house systems.


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