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The Original 

Willard Water

Catalyst Altered Water 

as popularized on 60 Minutes on Nov. 23, 1981

Willard Water is a 'catalyst altered' water discovered by Dr. John Willard while researching in South Dakota, and while working on his ranch. It was first brought to national attention in the early 1980s when a 60 Minutes television special highlighted a range of reports of Willard Water's beneficial health results in both humans (people recovering from severe burns and emphysema) to cows becoming healthier.


Active ingredients:

Water, sodium meta silicate, sulfated castor oil, calcium chloride, magnesium sulfate, fossilized organics and lignite. Laboratories, including the FDA, have tested Dr. Willard's Catalyst Altered Water and found it to contain only NON-TOXIC ingredients.



Shake well before use. Mix one ounce of  Willard Water to one gallon of distilled water. Use a plastic bottle. No waiting/ no freezing required. Makes 8 gallons of ready-to-use water.



Williard Water     Williard Water

Dr. John Willard, a Professor Emeritus of Chemistry,
discovered the solution while developing a cleaning agent.



Plants and gardens
* Soak starting seeds: plants sprout faster, grow bigger, better resistance to droughts & freezing temperatures.
* Prolongs life of cut flowers; spray plant & dip cut ends in WW; add to vase.
* Outdoors: spray foliage several times during growing season. Helps transplants.


Pets and animals
* Helps heal cuts and bruises (spray on).
* Helps relieve stress and heat (put in drinking water)
* Pink eye (spray on)
* Fever or dehydration (add tablespoon to drinking water)

* Add one cup to tank. You won't need to change tank water as often - fish thrive.

* Sores or sore throat (spray on area)
* Tired aching muscles (add 1 cup to bath water)
* Pimples & acne (spray on face)
* Infections (spray on area infected)
* Arthritis/rheumatism (spray or rub on affected area).
* Hangovers - 1-2 oz in water.
* Burns & sunburns: alleviates pain and helps heal. (Spray on immediately and as needed)
* Diaper rash: bad cases cleared up in 24-48 hours when sprayed on baby's bottom.
* Headaches/migraines (1-2 teaspoon in water with other remedies)
* For feeling of well being as well as help on such internal ailments as ulcers, colitis, bladder infections
(1-2 teaspoons with drinking water)


ON A 60 Minutes TV REPORT

     Williard Water        Williard Water

In 1981, the TV program 60 Minutes did a story on Dr. Willard's "Wonder Water." A summary of their investigative report appeared to be a "Snake Oil Salesman's" claim. 

It was touted as:

~ Many call it a "cure-all", others a "do-it-all."

~ All around household product

~ Effective gardening aid

~ Used by people for an assortment of ailments from arthritis to emphysema

~ Helps to heal burns and skin cancer

~ Pain reliever - from migraine headaches to tennis elbow

Willard water
Williard Water
WWL03 - 8 oz - clear
WLL06 - 8 oz - XXX
( with added lignite)
Gallons available
(1  gallon = 16 - 8 oz bottles = 128 oz )


Why Is Lignite In the XXX Willard Water?

The various solutions (of Willard Water with Lignite Added) , as received, are to be diluted with water according to directions, before being used. Remember it is the water that becomes the effective ingredient.

All of the products have a synergistic effect upon antibiotics and germicidal agents. The Dr. Willard Water XXX is the most effective in this respect as it has natural bacterial, fungicidal and antibiotic agents found in the lignite, which is used in the production of LA-WATER (Lignite Activated Water).

We have evidence that all products have the unique property of relieving the stress in animals.

When a dog is "sick" it is one of two reasons:  both are concerned with Food and Water.

1.  Something is needed by the body, which is not there.
2.  Something is not needed by the body, which is there.

A ration should always contain nutrients sufficient for maintenance and body repair.  This does not mean any massive intake on a crude level such as:  protein, vitamins, etc.  Minerals and trace elements are as important as vitamins in maintaining good health and a sound body.  There is a difference in organic minerals and the same minerals in the organic (life) form.  The trace minerals in Dr. Willard's Water XXX are from organic material laid down in nature some 50 million years ago.

No medicinal product has the ability, within itself, to perform any body healing.  They only set up circumstances whereby the body heals itself.  In private communication from veterinarians they have stated they probably 75 percent of all animal diseases are due to stress.  Stress is any change in conditions that is not good for the animal well being such as:  during severe exercise, after loss of blood, in serve re pain,  during emotional excitement (racing and hunting dogs), exposure to extreme heat or cold, etc.

During stress there ids a reduction in the lymphatic tissue, including the spleen and the thymus, this means fewer lymphocytes in circulation.  Lymphocytes are important agents in the protection against infectious disease.  Water constitutes 91-92 percent of plasma and lymph resembles plasma in composition. Again we see the importance of the right kind of water in the life process of the animal.

Nutrient intake, nutrient absorption and body retention of nutrients are all essential for building a healthy dog.  Now supposing that we had a patented water additive that would produce a more active form of water that would influence those performances through greater vitamin activity, trace mineral utilization to assist metabolism and nutrient retention, plus a water that relieves stress in the dog, a test trial of 14-21 days will show if Dr. Willard's Water additive is an economical aid to  "plus feeding".

Directions for its Use:

1.  Use in drinking water as a conditioning agent and to relieve stress.
Add 1/2 ounce of the XXX Normalizer per 25 gallons of drinking water, or 1/2 teaspoon per 5 gallons.

2.  Use in feed to increase digestion and to relieve stress
If you are now mixing the feed with water, replace the water with an equal amount of a solution made by adding one ounce of Dr. Willard's Water XXX to one gallon of water. Use same as ordinary water. If you do not add water to the feed then just spray the feed until moist with XXX solution.

3.  For irritation of skin, eyes, nose, or throat.
Spray the infected area with a solution made by adding one ounce of Dr. Willard's Water Normalizer per gallon of water.

4.  Use with burns, cuts, sprains, and other physical damage.
Make a dilute solution by adding one ounce of the XXX concentrate to one gallon of water. Spray the injured area one to three times a day with this solution.

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